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There’s a growing trend towards alcohol-free living and the sober revolution – pioneered by The Alcohol-Free Shop in 2006 – is becoming a sober evolution. Find out why we have launched The Alchohol-Free Community and what it means to you.


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There’s a growing trend towards alcohol-free living and the sober revolution – pioneered by The Alcohol-Free Shop in 2006 – is becoming a sober evolution.

Despite the increasing number of people seeking alternatives to alcohol, we can all sometimes feel alone – the odd one out.

During the current global health emergency, what were feelings of isolation have become a physical reality for millions of us as the world tackles the Covid-19 pandemic.

We know that in times of stress, it’s hard to resist the temptation to slip back into bad habits that might offer us temporary comfort.

It’s even harder with the current lockdown when we’re confined to our homes and trying to cope with work duties, childcare, eldercare, strained relationships, financial pressures and immediate health risks. 

The normal support networks, work colleagues, friends, health workers and activities such as sport, social groups, hobby groups and fitness sessions aren’t there.

This is why we’ve launched the Alcohol-Free Community – to help us all stay focussed on our personal goals.

You may be avoiding alcohol for health and fitness reasons, or due to pregnancy, medical conditions or maybe because you’ve realised that your drinking is damaging your health, work and relationships.

Whatever the reason you’re avoiding booze, The Alcohol-Free Community is here for you.

What is The Alcohol-Free Community?

The Alcohol Free Community (AFC) is a place where we can connect with others striving for a healthier lifestyle.

Here, you’ll be able to discuss your concerns, share your experiences, ask questions and find support.

You’ll find factual information, personal opinion, tips, news, interviews, and reviews.

Access to the Alcohol-Free Community is free.

We hope you’ll join the Alcohol-Free Community and help us develop and grow. Existing customers of The Alcohol-Free Shop already have an account and only need to login to active their free membership of the community.

New members simply need to sign up for free.

What's happened to The Alcohol-Free Shop​

Many of you will have found your way here through The Alcohol-Free Shop and may be wondering what’s happened to the shop.

We wrote to those registered on our newsletter mailing list earlier this year explaining the situation and how we were about to relaunch in the coming weeks. The response was amazing.

We literally received hundreds of messages thanking us for our honesty, welcoming us back and, in many cases, explaining just how much the shop has meant to them over the years.

It’s fair to say we shed a tear or two.

Since The Alcohol-Free Shop launched in 2006, we’ve had many ups and downs but the business grew to become the UK’s leading online specialist in alcohol-free drinks.

In recent years, political and economic challenges have led to many UK businesses struggling to survive. 

Sadly, these pressures took their toll and our warehouse and shop had to close.

If you’d like to know more you can read the email we sent our customers here.

The rise and fall, and rise again (postponed...)

The Alcohol-Free Shop was due to relaunch with a new management team this Spring.

Well, the best laid plans …

The emergence of the new Coronavirus has forced us to postpone the shop relaunch.

But we decided to go ahead with some of the ideas we had for our new website and that’s where the Alcohol-Free Community has come from.

We hope you’ll use the Alcohol-Free Community to keep up to date with news, views and developments at The Alcohol-Free Shop and we look forward to being back in business when the current crisis has passed.

In the meantime there are more important things to focus on — our mental health, our physical health, and our safety.

We’ll use this time to share ideas and listen to your views and feedback on how you’d like to see the Alcohol-Fee Community develop and continue to meet your needs as we move forward together.

Social distancing needn’t mean social isolation. Let’s connect.