Site Rules


We aim for the Alcohol-Free Community to be a safe place for people to give, and receive, help. Therefore we have some simple rules that we ask everyone to follow.

Above all, be kind

None of us is perfect. What’s right for you may not be right for someone else. We’re all trying to find our right path and hopefully help each other. Don’t judge. Be kind.

No adverts allowed

Members may post information or recommendation only as a reply to a member query. Adverts or self-promotion posts will be deleted and posters may be removed from the group.

No buying or selling

Any posts trying to sell or promote goods or services are not allowed and will be deleted

Check FAQs

We encourage you to ask questions but before posting a question, please use the search option to see if your question has already been answered in a previous post.

No political or petition posts

There are plenty of places you can voice your political opinions, promotions, arguments and lodge petitions. We aim for The Alcohol-Free Community to be a calm place. These sort of posts can cause conflict and distress. Please don’t use this site to turn discussions into political rows. It this happens, moderators will turn off comments and may remove posts.

Be polite and respectful

Please be courteous to other members in the group, this includes use of bad language. It is ok to disagree with a comment but abusive or derogatory responses may lead to removal from the group.

Admin decision is final

If we feel a post or comment is inappropriate / not in line with these rules, it may be deleted. We will not enter into discussion on these decisions.